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Black and Red Devil Horns with Flames Headband

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Black and Red Devil Horns with Flames Headband

These devil horns are the absolute most awesomest devil horns you will ever find!
I designed them for a costume for a pro mexican wrestling show where I was a fire eating show girl - it just doesn't get any classier than that!
They are hand sculpted primed and painted and the covered in a flaming hot red swarovski crystal at the tips that graduates in color and size into black.

These stand about 2 1/2" inches high by 2" inches across and use hundreds of real swarovski crystals!

They are so light weight you wont even know they are there!!!! I use the best glue available- so go ahead and drop them- they won't chip or break.

They have soft velvet elastic ribbon on the base of each horn so you can place them on the headband into any position. Or even slide them off the headband and clip them into your hair.

I take custom orders on this item so you can get them in any color.

These horns are made from hundreds of hand placed crystals- it doesn't get any swankier than this!


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