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Clown Hat, Halloween Costume, Party Hat, Retro Circus Costume, Fascinator, Red Hearts, Any Color, Custom, Batcakes Couture

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I love clowns. I love clown couture. I love being the fanciest clown in town!
That's why I made these.
They are made from a buckram base that is covered in a thick satin and adorned with little sequined and beaded hearts. The trim and top is a lush creamy chiffon ruffle.
It has little elastics inside so you can slide it onto the headband I send with it and wear it in any position.

Let your inner clown out on the town.

Also appropriate for your favorite party girl!

Ask me for any color combination! I love making these hats- I want everyone to dress like a clown.

The best part about wearing these hats- they make people smile at you! They are like a lovely happy magic spell every time you put it on!


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