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Showgirl Feather Headdress, Viva Las Vegas, Halloween Costume, Burlesque, Pink, SIlver, Ostrich

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Vegas Showgirl Feather Headdress

This headdress is fit for a Queen! It's done in pink and silver with huge black ostrich plumes!
It's huge! It stands 2 1/2 feet tall!
It comes on a sturdy bandeau that fits comfortable on any size head- wigs, too!
There is a strong velvet elastic ribbon 1" inch wide across the back for extra hold!
These are also very light weight and easy to wear.
Did I mention they are sturdy, too? So sturdy you can do backflips in them- that is if you can do backflips.
These are completely perfectly finished- no exposed wires or glue or anything- front and back.
These were first designed by myself for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra's Samba dancers for Brazil Night at the Hollywood Bowl.

This item is made to order and can take up to two weeks to ship.


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